Catherine Alvarado, Licensed Therapist in Hermosa Beach, CA
Licensed Therapist in Hermosa Beach CA
About Me

Hi! Im Cat, a holistic psychotherapist based in Hermosa Beach –

As a psychotherapist, I support my clients in healing anxiety, specific fears, and past traumas so they can build a deeper relationship with themselves and experience more connection, fulfillment, and joy in their lives. 

You have the chance to experience a shift in mindset that allows for a more compassionate view of yourself and encourages you to embody your most authentic self. Therapy is like going to the gym –– a gym that helps you build the muscles to be the most confident, compassionate, and capable version of yourself. 


How I discovered holistic mind-body healing.

Connection, self discovery, and authentic expression have always been really important to me. However, it wasn’t until I discovered the true power of mind-body healing for myself that I began to understand the way our mental, emotional, physical, and soul parts of ourselves are all connected. Holistic approaches to healing and therapy show us the way back to ourselves and can truly change our lives.

As a teenager and young adult I experienced some symptoms of anxiety and depression from time to time, but nothing that seemed alarming. I did well in school, got into a top graduate program, grew a successful private practice, and maintained strong relationships with friends and family. 

It was only after years of doing all those things while being in a toxic, co-dependent relationship and not taking care of myself that I began to embody and believe that I must be lazy, stuck, and broken. 

The more I believed these thoughts, the more I began to embody them. My emotional distress and panic attacks became so severe that I developed intense gut issues. I could barely eat, nothing seemed to soothe or satisfy these feelings. I became so ill that I had to take months off from work. My days were spent crying in my room, seeking safety wherever I could find it. 

During this time I experienced a deep sense of hopelessness I often hear from new clients. Pills were being pushed at me with no regard for who I was as a person, the side effects of different medications, or the root of what was coming up for me emotionally.

Eventually I was able to connect with a team of providers who were able to understand and support me as a person. Together we began healing the root causes of the distress and anxiety I was experiencing, integrating somatic-based and energetic healing modalities to heal all parts of myself. 

Knowing I had a team of support made me feel safe and secure in and out of session. Building a toolbox of resources helped me confidently and calmly navigate triggers, build new ways of being, and heal.  

Through this work I returned to the life I was wanting to live, empowered with new modalities and tools to share with my clients, and a fierce passion for sharing the power of holistic healing. 

Today, I focus on individual holistic therapy. My multidimensional approach allows me to deliver a unique, private, and personalized experience for clients to explore and empower their inner voice.



  • B.A., Psychology, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles CA 
  • M.S., Counseling Psychology – Mount Saint Mary’s University CA
    • Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy

License, Trainings, Certifications


Professional Affiliations:

  • CAMFT: California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
  • EMDRIA: EMDR International Association

Professional Development & Experiences:

    • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist clinical experience completed under supervision of Dr. Kelly Mothner in Hermosa Beach
    • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Soultenders, Arcadia CA
    • Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee, The Ness Counseling Center, Los Angeles CA
    • Graduate Intern, Career Services & Internships, Mount Saint Mary’s University 
    • Student Activities Assistant, Office of Student Activities, Otis College of Art and Design
    • Operations Manager, Student Health and Wellness Center, Otis College of Art and Design
    • Behavioral Health Intern, Project Touch Teen & Family Counseling, Hermosa Beach CA 
Shading your truth, untangling the knots
Shading your truth, untangling the knots

I tend to work with…

Individuals who have tried talk therapy in the past and did not find it helpful or believe they are too self-aware to benefit from therapy
Those ready for a more personalized, holistic approach that addresses the entire self on a mental, emotional, and even physical level
High-achieving, very ambitious individuals who despite being very aware of unhelpful patterns are still finding themselves stuck
Teenagers and adults experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, and/or trauma
Highly sensitive individuals and young professionals looking for relief from stress, depression, anxiety, isolation, lack of confidence, or other overwhelming emotions and thoughts


See what plan is the best for you

Adjunctive EMDR

Adjunctive EMDR gives you the chance to do intensive EMDR therapy without having to stop working with your primary therapist or “start all over again” with another provider.

EMDR Intensives

EMDR Intensives allow the opportunity to progress through your symptoms in a more succinct and focused way without the interruptions of a 50 minute session. 

Ongoing Support

Therapy time reserved each week for you to dive deep with continued support. Consistent and dependable care that offers time between sessions to consolidate new insights. 



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