I provide in-person and online therapy (telehealth). In-person therapy sessions are offered out of my cozy office in Hermosa Beach. If you are not able to attend sessions in-person, I also offer sessions over an online HIPPA compliant platform called Simple Practice.

Although there are many advantages of online therapy, it may not be the best fit for everyone. Online therapy is an option for those experiencing mild to moderate symptoms, who are comfortable using technology, and have a quiet, private place to have their sessions.

During our phone consultation, we can determine the best format for your therapy sessions.


Initial consultation phone calls (15 minutes) are free. 50 minute therapy sessions are $200. Typically, therapy sessions occur on a weekly basis.

There are times when it is appropriate to meet more or less frequently based on your current needs which I understand may shift. Generally, I always recommend clients to begin on a weekly basis. This allows for us to create and maintain our therapeutic relationship while establishing a consistent momentum toward your goals.

If you ever feel you have reached a point where you no longer want or need to come, we can work together to get that transition going. I am very open with clients and check in on frequency, feedback, goals, and treatment planning to ensure you feel our work is aligned.

To schedule an appointment, please call me directly at 323.296.9846, make sure to leave your name, phone number, and the best day or time to reach you. You can also reach me via email or by completing the Contact Form.

Your Client Portal

After your initial phone consultation, you will be emailed a link to your Client Portal. This portal will give you access to your scheduled appointments, secure messaging system, practice documents, billing, and payment options.

Intake documents are electronically signed and all forms must be completed 48 hours before your first scheduled session.

A credit card will be collected as part of your intake packet however, it will not be charged at that time. Your card will only be charged in the case you request that as your preferred payment for session fees or in the case of a late cancellation / no show.

Payment Options

A credit card payment form must be completed as part of your intake packet however, you will be asked what your preferred payment method is at your first session. If you prefer to pay with cash for an in person session, please bring the exact amount.

You will be expected to pay for each session at the time it is held. All Telehealth sessions must utilize credit card as a form of payment.


I accept PPO health insurance plans as an “out-of-network” provider. I am able to provide you with a Superbill at the end of each month. You are responsible for submitting the Superbill to your insurance company in order to receive reimbursement directly from your insurance provider. You will be responsible for paying the full session fee at each scheduled appointment.

It is always a good idea to check in with your insurance company prior to starting therapy to find out what coverage you have for mental health services with an out-of-network provider.

For clients seeking insurance reimbursement, please know that not all insurance plans will reimburse for online sessions or sessions at extended lengths.

Is there any benefit to not utilizing insurance?

By being a private paying client, you eliminate the requirement to share your personal health information and you avoid limitations for your care placed on you by third parties. Benefits of self-paying include:

  • Ability to select the provider best suited for your needs

  • No mental health diagnosis

  • No limit on the number of visits

Checking Insurance Coverage

Wondering if your insurance plan covers mental health services?

  1. Call your insurance company

    • There is usually a Mental Health Services number on the back of your insurance card

  2. Confirm your coverage of services

  • Does my insurance plan include mental health insurance benefits?

  • What coverage do I have for mental health services with an out-of-pocket network provider?

  • What is my annual deductible? If I have one, what is its start date and has it been met yet?

  • How many sessions does my health insurance cover per year?

  • Does my insurance plan cover Tele-therapy via video and/or phone appointments?

  • Does my insurance plan cover sessions longer than 50 minutes?

48-Hour Cancellation And Reschedule Policy

Therapy sessions are scheduled in advance and are a time reserved exclusively for you. When a session is cancelled without adequate notice, I am unable to fill this time slot by offering it to another current client, a client waiting for an opening, or a client with a clinical emergency.

If you would like to cancel or reschedule your session, please notify me no later than 48 hours before your scheduled session to avoid being charged for the full session fee. This means that if a session is scheduled for 3:00pm on a Tuesday, notice must be given by 3:00pm on Sunday at the absolute latest. You can cancel or reschedule your sessions by calling, texting, or emailing. Please remember to confirm that I have received your message. Then I can make appropriate changes in the calendar.

The only time this fee will be waived is in the event of a serious event or illness that would prevent a client from attending a scheduled session. If you are unsure, please connect with me for further guidance.

Finding the Right Therapist For You

Therapy sessions are designed to be a safe space for you to heal, grow, and empower your inner voice. I want to help you achieve your goals all the while inspiring you to live, learn, and lead with authentic purpose. I believe finding a comfortable match between therapist and client is essential to successful therapy. Whether we work together in the office or online, you will always have my support as we explore challenges and themes that keep you feeling stuck. Starting therapy for the first time or deciding that you could use some support can feel intimidating. Knowing this, it is my mission to ensure my clients feel comfortable and safe. The last thing I want to do is have therapy be an additional stress!

My office is located in Hermosa Beach and I have provided counseling and therapy services to teens and adults of all ages in Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Torrance, and throughout the South Bay.

Scheduling Your First Session

Feel free to contact me at 323.296.9846 (please leave a voicemail with your name, number, and the best day/time to reach out you) or email. You may also request an appointment online by clicking the link below. I offer prospective clients a free 20 minute phone consultation to answer any specific questions and see if we might be a good fit. If you would like to, you may schedule an appointment online by clicking the button below.